Bek and Geck

Bek and Geck is a children's show or segment focused on animal education and conservation. Children are warmly invited to join Bek and her sidekick, Geck, as they set off on their mission to combat climate change and meet every critter that they can. 

New York University | New York, New York
May 2018
Hunter College | New York, New York

Advanced Certification in Screenwriting

American University | Washington D.C.

Advanced Certification in Animal Behavior and Conservation

 B.A. Psychology, Biology Specialization | Class of 2017

  • Relevant Courses

    • Wildlife Filmmaking and Production

    • Biology of Insects

    • Creative Nonfiction

    • Poetry

    • Creative Writing

    • Extensive Coursework in Child Psychology

  • Focus in Theatre


The University of Edinburgh | Edinburgh, Scotland

Neuroscience Honors | Visiting Student 2015

  • Participated in Edinburgh Review Stand Up Comedy Troupe

Work Experience

Camp Paha | Lakewood, CO

Camp and Recreation Program for People with Severe Special Needs

Assistant Director | December '16-Present

I was hired on by recommendation of the previous assistant director who had been in their position for the past nine years. In this position, I am responsible for overseeing session planning, recruitment, budgeting, hiring, and staff management for the 2017 summer term specific to the three youngest groups at Camp Paha. Paha is a day camp providing highly specialized services to people, ages 6-25, with special needs. Participants have a range of diagnosis. At Paha, they are offered a typical summer camp experience.


As the assistant director, I established behavioral systems for our most severe campers and dealt with behaviors when they went past what basic staff is able to attend to. It is my responsibility to act as the primary liaison between parents and campers. 

Head Counselor | May 13'-August 15'

Coming from counselor to head counselor after two years was a bit of a jump. I was now leading the four to five staff members that I was a part of. As head counselor, I supervised and directly managed 15 campers and staff in everyday medical, hygienic, and behavioral needs. I directed educational development plans that were set previously by parents and school teachers. I was also the first step in the chain of commands in leading communication during problematic situations. I chaperoned field trips, lead swim trips, and led the group throughout the camp day.

Counselor | May 11'-August 13'

Previous to this position, I had no previous experience working with people with special needs in any way. My duties included assisting the head counselor, hygienic, nutritional and behavioral needs. I assisted on field trips, swim trips, and throughout the camp day.

Customer Service
Core 72 | Washington, DC
High End Athletic Retail Boutique 
Key Holder | July '16-Present

Working primarily alone, I assist customers, complete transactions, and manage visual displays. Per shift, I work with approximately 25 customers per shift selling an average of $3,000 per shift.I am responsible for overall performance, register count, cleaning, and store opening and closing.

The Belize Zoo | Belize
Assistant Keeper | June-July '16

The Belize Zoo is a conservation organization located outside of Belize City, Belize. The zoo specializes in jaguar rehabilitation along with the rescue and rehabilitation of a number of other native species. The zoo strives to educate guests on conservation and the beauty of Belizean animals. Each enclosure is expansive, giving every animal a chance to live in the most natural, stimulating environment possible.


As an assistant keeper, I supported daily operations with food preparation, serving food to each animal, and cleaning enclosures. I additionally researched animal behavior and provided applicable stimulation in animal enrichment. I was lucky enough to assist the vet staff learning proper anesthetics for surgery on snakes and birds. Day to day, I maintained guest relations and animal education efforts. I handled snakes, Gibnuts, Macaws, Howler Monkeys, Coatimundis, Owls, Crocodiles, etc.

Children's Hospital | Washington, DC
Genetics and Metabolism Intern | May-August '16

I assisted in abnormal newborn screens. In doing so, I researched rare metabolic diseases including Maple Syrup Urine Disease, Galactosemia, PKU, etc. I went on patient diagnostic visits and follow ups. Upon leaving the internship, I created a thorough informational pamphlet for each diagnosis.

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American University | B.A. Psychology, Biology Specialization | Class of 2017

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